Catchframe got married!!!

Marius & Zelda Terblanche Wedding day

Hapily ever after

As we attent numerous weddings, we have decided to do something a bit different with ours....let me share...

I am super excited as it was a wedding with a twist...we got married on 17 March 2018.
* Our ceremony took place in a forrest
* Our cake was blue bugs shooters with a cheesecake on top
* Our guests' dress code was denim and lace
* Our opening dance started with a slow, till 2 dancers from a dancing school interrupted the dance and we started line dancing on footlose, afterwards we invited the guests to dance along
* We didn't throw a garther as everyone are almost married...but hubby did take out a small little red g-string which the guests had to bie on...
* We didn't had champane on the table but milktart shooters
* O yes and we both started crying when we saw each other...
True love ever-after, we found ourselves in each-other....

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