School Plays & Events

Parents are very keen on seeing their little ones or sometimes older ones, dance and sing their hearts out during year ends or special events like plays and the like.

We are sincerely passionate about getting those moments on film. It is captured on HD with multiple cameras at once, creating a really professional look and feel without killing the budget of the average school.

You will find our pricing structure for anything from Pre-primary to High school events makes a good quality production very possible and in most cases even beneficial for parents and schools alike.

Please talk to us about the possibilities and view some high quality samples of our work

Interviews & Statements

We call this category interviews, although it is not “journalist” type interviews.

This is focused on personalized messages, where an individual may convey a certain message interview style. It normally involves pre-scripted words that can be transferred to a Teleprompter unit. Thus the person in front of the camera basically reads the pre-scripted message from the screen in front of them, whilst the camera is rolling and high quality audio is recorded for Post production.

This can also be done “shooting from the hip”, where a Teleprompter is not used and a message is simply recorded whilst the individual is talking into the camera. It is very useful in corporate environments where a video message can be distributed to a large number of people via known communication channels.


Aimed at the smaller to medium sized business owner that wants to convey a visual message to the public about a service or product, this can be used for visual media advertising.

Pricing varies depending on the type of advert

It doesn't stop there...

We want to help you with whatever you need. If what you require is not included here, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
We are looking forward to your call.



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