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Wedding Glen & Michelle Mortelmans

First wedding anniversary shoot

I always support and assosiate myself with proffesional services as I know how difficult it is for proffesionals out there with all the fly by night and wannabee services popping up everyday.

This group is surely on top of thier game and if you want quality then use these guys. Marius & Zelda Terblanche

And wow..... my amazing wife... you are so photo and video genic... you are captured in the most beautiful way... being yourself. Love you Michelle Mortelmans

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Wedding Freddy & Hendriet van Lith

Special day 4 May 2018

Ease of working with the videography team...Wow, what a lovely experience! We won a Facebook competition, and Marius and Zelda went absolutely out of their way to make us feel special. Having never met them before the day of our wedding, from the minute they arrived we felt so comfortable with them! They are absolutely amazing to work with and made us feel at ease. We never felt that they intruded on the day, and it was much more comfortable that we could have imagined.

Level of professionalism...Very good! From the first communication to the wedding day and even afterward, very easy and open to communicate with them. They also took the setting and environment into consideration, and we received many compliments about the way they conducted tmeselves on the day

Creativity...Awesome, love the initiative!

Collaboration with the photographers...We received feedback from the photographer saying she enjoyed working with them. Never felt they were in the way and was just comfortable from the start.

Video quality...Really good! We are very happy!

Value for money...Very good! They really went out of their way to give us extras and to also take our ideas and suggestions into consideration. We really received so much more than what we bargained on!

Will you advise brides to have a videographer at their wedding?...For us, it was one of those non-negotiable parts of the wedding. It was in the budget before a lot of other things. And we have not been disappointed. Every time you watch the video or highlights, you remember what you felt and experienced at that moment. It also captures so much more than a photo, and helps you see the day through someone else's eyes. For us, it is definitely one of the things we will cherish forever!

What makes Catchframe video productions different?...Just the easy way of working with the team, their contagious excitement and energy, and the overall experience.

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Wedding Anton & Lynette van Wyk

Their special day on 4 November 2017

Hiring Catchframe videographers was the best idea we could have made.

Many of our relatives and friends that could not attend our wedding said after watching the highlights it felt as if they were there themself. Every little detail was captured and brought to live.

The team was extremely proffesional and friendly and that made it very easy to be in front of the camera.

Our highlights captured by Zelda and Marius was like reliving our special day. You see your wedding from the perspective of other people, you miss so much of your special day and to relive it through the video was amazing it brings back all of your special memories in a 5 minute video.

Thank you catchframe team I will now be able to relive our wedding any time I want to

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Catchframe got married!!!

Marius & Zelda Terblanche Wedding day

Hapily ever after

As we attent numerous weddings, we have decided to do something a bit different with ours....let me share...

I am super excited as it was a wedding with a twist...we got married on 17 March 2018.
* Our ceremony took place in a forrest
* Our cake was blue bugs shooters with a cheesecake on top
* Our guests' dress code was denim and lace
* Our opening dance started with a slow, till 2 dancers from a dancing school interrupted the dance and we started line dancing on footlose, afterwards we invited the guests to dance along
* We didn't throw a garther as everyone are almost married...but hubby did take out a small little red g-string which the guests had to bie on...
* We didn't had champane on the table but milktart shooters
* O yes and we both started crying when we saw each other...
True love ever-after, we found ourselves in each-other....

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